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Broadband Economy

A thriving local economy requires high quality broadband infrastructure, high levels of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) knowledge and strong business and community understanding of technology as a driver for economic development and innovation.  With this objective in mind Yarra Ranges Council has conducted research to assess current fixed and wireless broadband services and the factors impacting broadband supply and levels of pent up demand for ICT services.


High speed broadband communications and connectivity are vital community amenities and fundamental drivers for business innovation. Yarra Ranges Council sees high speed broadband infrastructure that offers better than the current market offering for connectivity as an integral part of future economic and community development.

The Yarra Ranges Council engaged the University of Ballarat's Centre for eCommerce and Communications and Lateral Plains to conduct an Opportunity Assessment for Economic and Community Growth through the Broadband Economy that will provide practical guidance to enhance future ICT access and adoption.

Further Information

If you would like further information about this project please contact:

Lou Zarro
Economic Development Officer
Yarra Ranges Council
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